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Dr. Navya Devarampati, an accomplished medical professional with a background in Anesthesia, holds a distinguished educational journey marked by an MBBS from Dr. NTR UHS in 2018. Her academic pursuits began at Guntur Medical College in 2013, where she embarked on a transformative path in the field of medicine.

Higher Qualifications for High Expertise

Venturing into practical applications, Dr. Devarampati successfully completed her House Surgeon posting in 2019 at the esteemed Government General Hospital in Guntur, solidifying her foundational understanding of medical practices. Elevating her expertise, she pursued a postgraduate degree in Anesthesia, culminating in a Master of Doctorate (MD) in Anesthesia. Joining the program in 2020, she excelled in her studies and completed the rigorous curriculum in 2023. at the Government General Hospital in Guntur, under the aegis of YSR University in Vijayawada.

Commitment to Healthcare

Armed with a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, Dr. Devarampati is now poised to contribute her skills as an Anesthesiologist. Eager to align herself with Vikaas Hospital, she aspires to leverage her professional acumen to enhance patient well-being and contribute meaningfully to the organization's success.

Dr. Navya Devarampati

Dr. Navya Devarampati




Dr. NTR UHS in 2018.

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