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Dr. Varra Sravan Kumar, a distinguished graduate of Katuri Medical College, obtained his MBBS degree in 2014 and subsequently pursued an MD in Radio Diagnosis, successfully completing the program at Katuri Medical College in Guntur in 2022. Throughout his postgraduate tenure, he gained extensive expertise in various imaging modalities, encompassing X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, and contrast studies.

Dedication and Expertise in Radiology

Dr. Kumar has applied his specialized knowledge as a consultant radiologist at Apple Scans in Nellore and has fulfilled the role of a Senior Resident at Katuri Medical College and Hospital. As he looks to the future, he brings with him a professional zeal, expressing an eagerness to contribute his skills and a steadfast commitment to continuous learning and development, with people-centered, service-oriented focus to Vikaas Hospital.

Dr. V. Sravan kumar

Dr. V. Sravan kumar

Consultant Radiologist



Katuri Medical College in Guntur in 2014

MD in Radio Diagnosis

Katuri Medical College in Guntur in 2022

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